Aldrich Tree Farm

The Aldrich Tree Farm is located in Richmond, Vermont, and offers Christmas Trees, Maple Syrup, Firewood, Timber, and Milling. The Farm has been in the same family for over 60 years. Originally it offered only firewood and timber, as in logs for milling lumber and such.

There was a mill years ago literally just down the road. Those days have gone by and local mills have disappeared and now you’ll only find regional ones. In the early years we chose to do very low impact logging at the farm with horses. Now we use small specialty skidders, tractors and occasionally a horse. So logs are sold and shipped for milling. A newer option is now offered on site or off. With a portable sawmill custom orders are milled on site. Also, with the mill being portable it’s possible to mill for you on your site.

A fair amount of the material to build our sugar house came from our own timber milled on site. Firewood has been, in the past by special order, and it will be available on site while supplies last each year.

The Christmas Tree Plantation is growing each year and soon trees will be ready for sale for your seasonal celebrations. Currently I can arrange for meeting your demands for harvestable trees from a fellow grower. 100 a 1000 or more, but let me know well in advance due to availability.

Maple Syrup is produced on the farm as well with a modern maple producing operation.

Pure Vermont maple syrup, it’s all natural, one of the original and to this date truly all natural food product.